Welcome to Favco!

Favco is an Alaska seafood processing and distribution company. We have been operating since 1974. We are based in Anchorage, a perfect geographic and transportation hub for the fishing waters of Alaska. We receive all species of fish and shellfish from all areas of Alaska directly from quality conscience harvesters. We then process and distribute within Alaska and ship to all areas in the continental U.S.

Our emphasis is fresh fish and live shellfish. We also support refresh programs and have both frozen fish and shellfish. We fillet, remove pin bones, skin and portion all fish by hand per order. We also sell whole fish and partially processed fish.

Favco takes pride in our facility in Anchorage. It is meticulously cleaned and sanitized daily. We are HAACP certified and inspected regularly by private inspection companies, and municipal, state, and federal government agencies. We have established relationships with fisherman and other facilities who also maintain high standards in their handling of seafood.

Currently we are shipping seafood to all 50 states. We have been instrumental in designing boxes, inserts, and gel packs to ensure our product retains its freshness until it reaches our customers. Having the experience of shipping to every state in the U.S., Japan and Europe, we can guarantee our product will arrive fresh and of the highest quality.

We also have a department of Favco that specializes in Japanese seafood items. Favco Direct provides sashimi (sushi-grade fish), ikura (salmon roe), saikyo miso zuke (black cod) and shiozuke sake harami (salted salmon bellies) as a few of its more than 80 popular to exquisite Japanese seafood items. We have hard to find Japanese items such as mirugai (geoduck clam), engawa (halibut fin meat), shirako (cod milt) and saki kama (salmon collars).

We invite you to browse our site and become more familiar with our company. Whatever your seafood needs, we are committed to our customers and the Alaska seafood they receive.